Association of cryobanks supports cord blood awareness month in Ukraine

baby_feetWith the support of volunteer initiatives, professional societies and patients’ associations a series of actions and social events are held worldwide, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and raising public awareness on a number of serious diseases that may be prevented or the effectiveness of their treatment may be increased due to early diagnosis.

With this purpose in different countries of the world special thematic “days” and “months” are established, such as the World Cancer Day or Alzheimer’s Disease Month.

Since stem cells banking sector has become an integral part of the health care system of the developed world, the month of July in the United States is established as a Cord Blood Awareness Month.

Cord blood is known to be a rich, the most available and ethical source of stem cells. In the US alone in the last 30 years, about 1 million patients received treatment with own stem cells, and the American hospitals annually spend about $ 150 million for the production of cell preparations.

The number of banks of stem cells in the world has reached approximately 500 and only public cord blood banks today store about 800 000 HLA typed samples ready for transplant. And more than 35,000 cord blood transplants were performed worldwide.

Ukraine’s first cryobank of cord blood stem cells was created in 2004 at the Institute of Cell Therapy, and actually this is the only biobank in Ukraine accredited according to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

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