Cell biologists at the XI Parnas conference

Jakub Parnas is one of the most prominent biochemists in the world. A world-renowned scientist was born in the Ternopil region and in different periods of time worked at the Department of Biochemistry of the Warsaw and Vienna Universities, as well as in the...
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Ukrainian scientists start joint research with the Czech Republic

In recent years, Ukrainian scientists have succeeded to make a significant breakthrough in cell and molecular biology.
Ukrainian researchers became regular speakers at the world's leading scientific congresses and forums, and their papers are published in the most prestigious international journals. And if earlier Ukrainian scientists...
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Report on the activities of the Association of Cryobanks in 2017

Established in 2013, the Association of Cryobanks of the umbilical cord blood stem cells, other human cells and tissues remains the Ukraine’s only professional association in this field, promoting the development of biobanks within the legal framework, defends the rights of consumers of the services of...
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A new clinical trial of the treatment of keratitis starts in Ukraine

Keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea, which, despite available treatments, often gets complicated by ulceration of the eye, development of cataract, reduction of  vision.
Aimed at increase the effectiveness of treatment of keratitis of various etiology the scientists of the Institute of Cell Therapy (Kiev),...
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