One more article of ukrainian scientists was accepted by the prestigious international scientific journal

Experimental and Therapeutic MedicineIn the modern scientific world the status of a scientist or a research team is determined by the level of scientific publications, i.e. by the impact factor of the journal, accepting their papers. Therefore, the publication of a scientific article in a prestigious international scientific journal, possessing impact factor is usually a longterm and laborious process. Since every submitted paper undergoes a thorough peer-review and only a small part of submitted articles gets approved for publication.

An important stage in the international integration of Ukrainian science is the publication of papers of national scientists in the authoritative international journals with an impact factor. This opens the door to international recognition, gives chances for research grants etc.

It is important to note that today in Ukraine the number of publications of national authors in specialized international journals with impact factor in the field of stem cell research is increasing. Recently one more manuscript of the team of researchers from the Institute of Cell Therapy (“Placenta‑derived multipotent cells have no effect on the size and number of DMH‑induced colon tumors in rats”) was accepted for publication in the prestigious international scientific journal “Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine”. In 2016, the impact factor of this journal was 1.56. This is one more paper from the series of research of the Institute of Cell Therapy on the evaluation of the biological properties of placental stem cells and development of approaches to their cinical use.

The article highlights the results of experimental studies of the Ukrainian team of scientists showing the safety of application of multipotent placental cells in the treatment of colon cancer, which are important for the development of clinical approaches to the treatment of this disease in humans.

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