Scientific meeting of the International Federation of Placenta Associations (Орегон, США)



13 — 16 September 2016, Portland (Oregon, USA) hosted a scientific meeting
of International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA) titled «Placenta: Back to the
Basics »


The conference was organized by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and the Placenta Association of the Americas (PAA)

Placenta as a rich source of diverse populations of stem cells and unique biologically active substances in recent years has been attracting considerable attention of scientists worldwide. A number of biobanks in the developed world launched the service of cryopreservation of placental stem cells, and placental tissue is increasingly used for the manufacturing of a wide range of medications and cosmetics

Honorary speakers of the IFPA-conference were such prominent placenta researchers as Prof. Jonathan R. Lindner (Texas university), Prof. Joe Gray (Oregon Health & Science University), Prof. Francesco J. DeMayo from Michigan university, Prof. Nathan Price from the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle and other famous scientists

The scientific program of the conference included reports on the modern view of the role of placenta in the maintenance of pregnancy and fetal life, new methods of diagnostic imaging of the placenta, biology and pathology of trophoblast, subpopulations of placental stem cells, placental genes expression, molecular and cellular interactions in the placental tissue. The conference included also some specialized workshops

Ukraine on the scientific meeting of the International Federation of Placenta Associations was represented by the Institute of Cell Therapy in the person of Volodymyr Shabliy, PhD, the deputy director of cryobank, who presented a paper «Placenta-derived multipotent cells shared the expression of several trophoblast-related genes» . Full-text article of the scientific team of the Institute of Cell Therapy, devoted to the evaluation of placental genes expression in 2016 was published in the prestigious international scientific journal «Placenta»

Today the Institute of Cell Therapy is a member of the International Placenta Stem Cells Society (IPLASS) and keeps pace with the leading world scientific centers in the research of the placenta.

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