Stem cells of the placenta increase 1.7-fold duration of life

jiznIn today’s preclinical and clinical studies investigating regenerative effect of adult stem cells in the treatment of many serious diseases, the increasing use of placental stem cells may be noted.

Advantages of placental stem cells are that they are of very young age and therefore have higher capacity to proliferate as compared to bone marrow cells or adipose tissue of adult individuals as well as immunological tolerance. It is also important that the placenta is a completely ethical source of stem cells, because all manipulations with the placenta occur without contact with the new mother or newborn.

In the experimental study the anti-aging effect of placental stem cells and their impact on life duration was examined.

The studies were conducted on the 15-month-old female mice (n = 50). Stem cells isolated from own placentas were injected to mice intraperitoneally. The examination of organs of experimental animals, namely the heart, spleen, skin, lungs and kidneys, as well as determination of the activity of antioxidant enzymes allowed scientists to draw the following conclusions:

1) Introduction of placental stem cells resulted in 1.7-fold increase of duration of life of the experimental animals in comparison with the control group not receiving stem cells.

2) The study of the skin and internal organs of treated animals showed that the use of stem cells prevented their age-related degenerative changes.

3) The positive effect of placental stem cells on the activity of antioxidant enzymes and reduced lipid peroxidation were noted.

In preparing this material the paper of Li J, Zhang H, Liu G. «Research on anti-aging effect of mouse placenta cells transplantation». Was used.

In the Institute of Cell Therapy (Kiev) unique programs of revitalization and anti-age therapy based on the use of the regenerative effect of placental extract were developed, clinically tested and implemented in everyday medical practice.

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