Stem cells heal wounds

Chronic wound is a wound that does not heal for about 3 months. It happens that a chronic wound never heals, causing patients significant physical and emotional discomfort. Causes of chronic wounds are disturbances of blood flow, old age, systemic diseases, repeated injuries. The treatment of chronic wounds is limited to the long-term use of antibiotics and the transplantation of skin grafts.

In recent years, scientists have drawn attention to the possibility of using stem cells in the treatment of chronic wounds.

Stem cells are the fundamental principle of the body, young undifferentiated cells that can give rise to any tissue. Stem cells can form skin, structures of muscle or connective tissue. The use of stem cells in the treatment of ulcers can reproduce skin at the site of a wound defect.

The most common sources of stem cells are bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta, adipose tissue, umbilical cord tissue, amniotic fluid.

In the Temple Clinic of Texas (USA), a clinical study was launched that enrolled 57 patients, who totally had 64 wounds. The treatment implicated cleaning the wounds from the dead and infected tissues and application of the fragments of the umbilical cord. In many patients this treatment was repeated weekly. And doctors succeeded to achieve impressive results of treatment. During almost 4 weeks 51 wounds (80% of the total number) were healed. The overall wound healing rate was 79.7%, which far exceeds all previously published wound healing results. Innovative treatment, developed by American scientists, also proved to be cheaper than conventional therapy.


In Ukraine, the scientists of the Institute of Cell Therapy developed new methods of treatment of venous ulcers in patients with type 2 diabetes and critical limbs ischemia, burns and frostbites using cord blood and placenta stem cells. Actually the new methods of treatment of chronic wounds, developed by the Institute of Cell Therapy, are at different stages of clinical trials.

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