• Institute of cell therapy


    Institute of Cell Therapy is a scientific-research, specialized medical and diagnostic organization, which consists of the functioning clinic and cryobank. Specialists of the Institute of Cell Therapy developed and implemented into medical practice the newest scientific achievements in the field of cryobiology and cell technologies.

  • Gusak institute of the urgent and reconstructive surgery


    Gusak Institute of the Urgent and Reconstructive Surgery is one of the leading medical institutions of the country. High professionalism of the scientists and specialists, update diagnostic and medical equipment, development and implementation of the new methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients, the use of the modern technologies of the fighting with different diseases and their consequences – all of this contributes to the effective treatment of the most severe diseases.

  • Clinic “EmCell”


    Clinic “Emcell” is a medical center, founded in 1994. During the years of its activity several thousand patients were treated in the clinic, more than 6 000 stem cells transplantations were perfomed. The developed and currently used in the clinic methods of treatment permitted to preserve and elongate patients’ lives, to achieve the restoration of the functions of organs and tissues, to reach positive treatment results.