PBKM is a winner of the strategic program “Prevention and treatment of civilization diseases –STRATEGMED”

strategmed+pbkmConsortium CIRCULATE, which includes Polish Bank of Stem Cells (PBKM), Jagiellonian University and many other recognized research centers became the beneficiary of the program organized by the National Center for Research and Development.

Program STRATEGMED of the National Center for Research and Development is carried out by the order of the Ministry of Economy. Its main task is to stimulate the growth of innovations and competitiveness of the Polish economy. The program is addressed to the Polish scientific consortia of research centers and their business partners. Consortia have the opportunity to present their projects in the field of struggle with diseases of civilization, as well as regenerative medicine in 4 areas:

1. Cardiology and cardiac surgery
2. Oncology
3. Neurology
4. Regenerative Medicine.

The winning project of the consortium CIRCULATE, which includes Polish Bank of Stem Cells (PBKM), is based on the use of mesenchymal cells derived from umbilical cord, in the treatment of diseases of cardio-vascular system. The project has been praised and recommended for funding by the National Center for Research and Development.

“The success of our consortium confirms that therapies based on the use of stem cells are one of the fastest growing industries in modern medicine, and the umbilical cord, which until recently was considered a medical waste is a valuable source of them” – said Tomasz Oldak, director of the laboratories of FamiCord Group.

The result of the realized projects will be the development and introduction of new methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The effect of the program will be a significant strengthening of the international position of Poland in the field of research and development. Also, it will facilitate entry of young research teams from Poland in the international teams and transfer of know-how and new technologies from the Polish scientific institutions in the economy.

Polish Bank of Stem Cells PBKM, which controls the international group of cord blood banks FamiCord, since 2014 is an associate member of the Association of cryobanks of cord blood and other human tissues and cells.

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