Ukrainian scientists took part in the international conference IPLASS 2018

September 6-7, 2018, Bern, Switzerland hosted the 5th Scientific Meeting of the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS).

The main directions of the conference were:

• modern protocols of isolation of placental cells different populations;
• molecular mediators and mechanisms of pathogenesis and regeneration in different models and clinical trials.

The IPLASS 2018 speakers, as always, were the world’s leading scientists in the field of biology of placenta stem cells, banking, and clinical application. During the conference, new approaches to the clinical application of placental stem cells in the diseases treatment were discussed.

Since 2013, the Ukraine’s first Cryobank, created at the Institute of Cell Therapy, is a member of the International Placenta Stem Cells Society and research associates of the Cryobank annually present the results of their research at IPLASS conferences.
This year’s program of the 5th IPLASS scientific meeting included 3 reports of the scientists from Ukraine – all of them are the associates of the Institute of Cell Therapy.

Dr. Volodymyr Shabliy, PhD, the deputy director of the Cryobank spoke on the evaluation of high-proliferative precursors of placental mesenchymal stem cells, their immunophenotype, multipotency and gene expression at different stages of cell culture formation.

Victoria Nikulina, the Biologist of the Cell Culture Laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy presented a report on controlled cryopreservation of placenta tissue, allowing to maintain high viability of mesenchymal stem cells in frozen samples. Co-authors of the report are Bukreyeva T., Zaganich I., Kuchma M., Kirik V., Lobintseva G., Shabli V.

Tetyana Bukreyeva, the Chief of the Cell Culture Laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy, presented the results of studies on the effect of allogeneic transplant of multipotent cells, isolated from rat placenta on carcinogenesis of chemically induced colon cancer. Co-authors are Svitina G., Skrypkin I., Areshkov P., Kirik V., Klimenko P., Garmanchuk L., Lobintseva G., Shabli V.

The international scientific community highly appreciates the achievements of Ukrainian scientists in the field of placentology. Such academic meetings facilitate the establishment of professional contacts and joint socially important research in the future.

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