Institute of Backbone and Joints Pahology n.a. Prof. MI Sitenko of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine was accepted as academic member in the Association of Cryobanks

sitenkoInstitute of Backbone and Joints Pahology n.a. Prof. MI Sitenko of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv), a leading scientific research, clinical and diagnostic medical facility in the field of arthrology, orthopedics and traumatology was accepted as academic member in the Association of...
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Stem cells overcome aging

sc_vs_ageIn 2014, American scientists from Harvard and Stanford University (USA) showed that the use of stem cells isolated from the blood of young mice, restores nerve system of older animals.
Dr. Henne Holstege (Amsterdam, Netherlands), commenting on the secret of healthy longevity of the oldest inhabitant of the planet Hendrik van Andel-Schipper, hypothesized that...
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Association of –°ryobanks supports the international action ‚ÄúMarch is colorectal cancer awareness month‚ÄĚ in Ukraine

colorectal cancer awareness monthColorectal cancer makes one half of all malignancies of the digestive tract in Europe. Every year 342,137 new cases of colorectal cancer are registered in the EU.
As¬†early detection results in¬†a¬†90-95% survival rate, United European Gastroenterology (UEG), is¬†urging all European men and women over 50¬†to ‚ÄėStep Up, Take the Test‚Äô...
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March 3rd is the World Birth Defects Day

wbdd_2015In 2015, 12 leading international health organizations announced March 3rd the World Birth Defects Day.
Birth defects are the main cause of death in children under one year of age worldwide. And the purpose of the World Birth Defects Day is to raise awareness of the opportunities...
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American cryobank celebrates 40th anniversary

In 2015, the leader of the industry of reproductive cells and tissues banking, American cryobank ‚ÄúXytex Cryo International‚ÄĚ celebrated its 40th anniversary. This is an important event not only in the history of Xytex Cryo International, but also for the...
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Cell technologies in the treatment of traumatic injuries

travmaticheskiy_shokThroughout the history of mankind injuries of all kinds and their consequences have been an important cause of ill-health, lost of working ability and decrease of the quality of life of people. And if earlier, Ukrainian doctors faced mainly with community-acquired and occupational injuries, over the past year as a result of military events in Donbass, Ukraine, more than...
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Do cells remain viable during longterm low temperature storage?

Development of regenerative and reproductive medicine, increase of the level of insurance culture and a more conscious attitude of modern people to their health led to the high popularity of biobanks worldwide.
Biobanks are medical institutions that are engaged in long-term storage and cryopreservation of biological material under...
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EU’s First Stem Cell Medicine Recommended by EMA

emea_strap_url_cmyk_rev_en_std_cent.eps MASTERA major milestone in stem cell therapy was reached in December 2014 when a European Medicines Agency (EMA) committee recommended the conditional approval of Holoclar, the first stem-cell product to be recommended for approval in the EU. Holocloar, developed by Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. and Holostem Terapie Avanzate, is an advanced-therapy medicinal product (ATMP) granted orphan designation for...
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Report on the activity of Association of cryobanks in 2014

logoAssociation of cryobanks of umbilical cord blood, other human tissues and cells is the only one of its kind international professional association of licensed enterprises, cryobanks, scientific and educational centers, and clinics operating in the field of biotechnology.
Established in 2013 with a view to the harmonious development of the industry of banking and clinical application of human cells and...
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