How scammers earn on cord blood

espreso_tv_logoThis is a story how dubious companies make cash on the trust of people in the storage of cord blood and was there a corrupt collusion with the officials of the Ministry of Health?
The piece of the program "SHUSTROVA LIVE" on Espreso.TV. is about that. About...
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Stem cells are used to treat ATO soldiers

Cardiologists of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantation n.a. O. Shalimov perfomed a unique operation on human heart with the transplantation of the stem cells.
Artillerist Alexander Sidletsky has a fatal heart defect – cardiomyopathy, he can not breath at night. Doctors have repeatedly raised the...
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Cell Therapy Clinical Trials for AutoImmune Diagnoses 2011-2015

PGCBWe are collaborating on a project to compile all cell therapy clinical trials registered worldwide from 2011 through 2015. Our database includes 58 clinical trials for autoimmune diseases, with a total planned enrollment of 2192 patients.
In this article we have prepared two figures to illustrate...
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Ukrainian doctors for the first time performed transplantation of lungs

Ukrainian doctors for the first time performed a very complicated operation of lungs transplantation.
As the press-service of the National Institute of Surgery and Tranplantology n.a. A.A. Shalimov reported, stages of the operation of the Ukraine’s first transplantation of lungs lasted more than 26 hours. More than...
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Banking of umbilical cord blood in the United States is regulated by law. In 2005, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a comprehensive report to Congress on cord blood banking.
The report contains clear recommendations that health care professionals should provide all expectant parents with fair...
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