logo_сonf_ENOn November 7th, 2014, Coordination Centre For Transplantation Of Organs, Tissues And Cells of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Institute of Cell Therapy organize scientific and practical conference with international participation, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Coordination Centre For Transplantation Of Organs, Tissues And Cells of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which will be devoted to actual issues of transplantology development.

Actually transplantation of organs, tissues and cells is one of the fastest growing areas of medical science and practice. The pace of development of this area is so dynamic that in 15-20 years 50-60 % of surgical interventions will be accompanied by the transplantation of organ, tissues or cells bioimplants. According to analystы, transplantation is an indicator of the level of development of the healthcare industry, the scientific and practical potential of the state and maturity of the society.

Already today more than 50,000 organ transplants are performed annually worldwide, and severalfold more transplants of tissues and cells as well as bioimplants made on the basis of the anatomical donor material.

In a wide rangeof diseases and pathological conditions transplantation is the “last argument of kings”, which is an alternative method fot the most unfavorable outcome or failure of prolonged treatment.

With the help of transplant interventions the patient actually returns to the original “prehospital” level and quality of life. Patients with transplanted organs are full, socially rehabilitated and able-bodied citizens of their country.

Widespread introduction of methods based on transplant of anatomical material, such as organ or cell-tissue transplants into clinical practice give new opportunities to the medical community for treating severe human pathology and give a second life to tens of thousands of patients that need a transplant.

Conference topics:

1. Provision and organization of transplant services.
2. Prospects and directions of organ transplantation development.
3. Cell transplantation and therapy.
4. Tissue transplantation and bioimplantology.
5. Experimental transplantation and artificial organs.
6. Ethical and legal aspects of transplantation.
7. Organizational aspects of the banking of umbilical cord blood and other human tissues and cells.

A special section “Therapeutic potential of stem cells: the success of clinical application”, devoted to modern cell and tissue technologies used in the treatment of many diseases ranging from diabetes to HIV, will be held in the frame of the conference. This symposium will focus on the available sources of stem cells, manufacturing technology of cell preparations, actual requirements for quality and safety cell product.

Physicians of departments of organ, cells and tissue transplantology, hemodialysis and nephrology departments, the organizers of healthcare, experts in cryobiology, cell technologies and other professionals that provide training and rehabilitation of patients after transplantation, specialists working in the field of experimental transplantology, bioimplantology and artificial organs as well as medical practitioners of other specialties are invited to participate in the conference.

The conference is included in the “Register of congresses, symposia and scientific conferences to be held in 2014 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Centre of Scientific Medical Information, Patent And Licensing Work, Scientific Coordination Department of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”.

The conference program
Venue: Conference-hall of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine
Kiev, Heroes of Sevastopol Street, 30
08.30-09.30 Registration
09.30-10.00 Opening ceremony
1 10.00-10.20 20 years of Coordination Centre of Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells
Sergiy Palyanytsya
Coordination Centre of Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells , Kiev
2 10.20-10.40 Currents Status of Transplantology in Ukraine and Perspectives of Development
Olexandr Nikonenko
Zaporizhzhya Medical Academy of Postgradate Education of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya
3 10.40-11.00 Transplantation of Organs in Belorus Republic
Oleg Rummo
Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Organs and Tissues Transplantation, Minsk, Belorus
4 11.00-11.20 14-year Experience of Transplantation of the Part of the Liver from the Living Donor in the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine
Oleg Kotenko
National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev
5 11.20-11.40 News in Clinical Transplantology due to Results of the World Congress of Transplantologists (July 26 31, San-Francisko, USA)
Victor Denisov
Transplantation Centre of the Regional Clinical Territorial Association, Donetsk
11.40-12.00 Coffee-break





Organisation of the Service of Organ Donorship in Belorus Republic. Intensive Therapy of Donors’ Stage

Olexandr Dzyadzko
Republican Scientific and Practical CentreTransplantation of Organs and Tissues”, Minsk, Belorus
7 12.20-12.40 Experience of Kidney Transplantation in the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov
Ruben Zograbyan
National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev
8 12.40-13.00 The Application of Stem Cells in Neurosurgery
Vitaly Tsymbalyuk
Institute of Neurosurgery n.a. Romodanov of NAMS, Kiev
9 13.00-13.20 Combined Use of Cardiologic Impulse-Wave Therapy and Transendocardial Implantation of Stem Cells in Patients with Ischemic Cardiomyopathy
Yury Karpenko
Odessa Regional Centre of Cardiac Surgery, Odessa
13.30-14.30 Lunch
10 14.30-14.50 Medical Keratoplasty in the Rehabilitation of Patients with Severe Inflammatory Pathology of the Cornea
Galina Drozhzhyna
Institute of Ocular Diseases and Tissue Therapy n.a. V.P. Filatov of NAMS of Ukraine, Odessa
11 14.50-15.10 The First Experience of Transplantation of Autologous Chondrocytes in Intervertebral Discs to Patients after Lumbal Microdiscectomy
Kostyantyn Gorbatyuk
Institute of Neurosurgery n.a. A.P. Romodanov of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev
12 15.10-15.30 Remodeling of Language and Motor Functions in Children with Cerebral Palsy after Introduction of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells of the Bone Marrow
Stanislav Yevtushenko
Donetsk National Medical University n.a. M. Gorky, Donetsk
13 15.30-15.50 Control of the Quality of Cryoconservation and Testing of Umbilical Cord Blood Samples. Experience of Operation of the Bank of Umbilical Cord Blood, other Human Tissues and Cells of the Institute of Cell Therapy 
Volodymyr Shabliy
Institute of Cell Therapy, Kiev
14 15.50-16.10 The Use of Stem Cells in Neurodegenerative diseases

Galina Skybo

Institute of Physiology n.a. O.O. Bogomolets of NAS of Ukraine, Kiev
16.10-16.40 Coffee-break
15 16.40-17.00 Effects of Transplantation of Stem Cells of Adipose Tissue on the Model of Neonatal Damage of CNS
    Oleg Tsupikov
    Institute of Physiology n.a. O.O. Bogomolets, Kiev


16 17.00-17.20 The Influence of Endocrine Factors on Biological Features of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Hematopoietic Stem Cells of the Animal Bone Marrow
Irina Labunets
Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev
17 17.20-17.40 The Role of Formation of Multicellular Aggregates in Survival of Isolated Nerval Cells of Rats
Olexandr Sukach
Institute of Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of NAS of Ukraine, Kharcov
18 17.40-18.00 Endothelial Dysfunction and Stem Cells
Vitaly Kyryk
Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine of NAMS of Ukraine, Kiev  
18.00-18.30 Round table, discussion of talks, closing ceremony
18.30 Wellcome Dinner



Participation in the conference
Forms of participation: oral report and publication of abstracts, poster presentation and publication of abstracts, publication of abstracts. Conference languages are Ukrainian, Russian, English.

To participate in the conference, please send an e-mail to with completed registration form and text of abstract for publication in the conference proceedings, as well as an electronic copy of the registration fee payment, a copy of the payment for friendly dinner or only the confirmation of payment for the publication of abstracts, before June 1, 2014. Within a day you will receive an email confirming your registration.

Organisation fee.

For conference participants, the registration fee is 300 UAH, if paid before July 1, 2014, after July 1, 2014 – 350 UAH and 400 UAH, if paid on the day of the conference.

The price includes: conference attendance, certificate of the participant, publication of abstract, a bag with conference materials, coffee breaks.

Friendly dinner (buffet) – 300 UAH, if paid before July 1, 2014; 350 UAH – after July 1, 2014; 400 UAH – on the day of the conference.

Publication of abstracts (without participation in the conference) is available on a paid basis – 100 UAH.

PhD students and undergraduate students have a free entrance to the conference

Deadline for submission of papers and abstracts is July 1, 2014.

Early bird registration is before July 1, 2014.

Participants are considered to be registered after they sent to the specified e-mail address their registration card and an electronic copy of the document confirming payment of the registration fee, payment for the banquet and for the publication of abstracts.

Requirements to abstracts:

1. Submitted abstracts should not be previously published or submitted for publication in another editions.

2. The structure of abstract should include briefly a purpose and tasks of research, materials and methods, results and conclusions.

3. All abbreviations (except Ci units) can be used only after the reference of the complete term in the text.

4. The abstracts should not exceed 3500 characters, including spaces.

5. The text should be printed in MS Word, in A4 format with margins on all sides of 25 mm, Font Times New Roman, 14 pt, normal, single line spacing.

Structure of the publication: title of the paper should be written in capital letters, initials and surnames of authors, full name of the organization should be written in italics.

WARNING ! The organizing committee reserves the right to refuse publication. If the submitted paper does not meet the requirements, the author will be notified about it. The authors are responsible for the content of the publication. Abstracts are printed without editorial and proofreading ! If necessary, upon the decision of the organizing committee, the authors will be requested the expert conclusion on the materials for publication.
Requirements to oral presentation:

The duration of the oral report is up to 15 min + 5 min for discussion. The presentation will be provided with multimedia support. Please submit the presentation in the PPT format.

WARNING ! The authors of papers, selected for oral reports by the Commission will be notified, they also will receive an invitation before July 20, 2014
Requirements to poster presentations:

1. The poster sixe should not be larger than 100×150 cm (the report can be presented on several smaller sheets within the specified size).

2. The structure of the report must be summarized due to purpose and objectives of the research, materials and methods, results and conclusions.

3. All abbreviations (except Ci units) can be used only after mentioning the full term.

4. Poster presentation may contain illustrative material.

5. Font size in the text of the poster should not be less than 24 pt.

6. Poster presentations will be displayed in the conference hall.



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