Stem cell preparation, manufactured in the biotechnological laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy, saved ATO fighter from heart transplant

A unique operation was performed in the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. O.O. Shalimov of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine – cord blood stem cells were transplanted to a 28-year-old ATO soldier, suffering from cardiomyopathy. The doctors hoped that cell therapy could help the young man, whose heart was contracting only for 11% to wait till a new heart transplant would be found. But after 6 months the physician revealed that transplanted stem cells restored affected heart to such an extent that the transplantation of a new organ was not required anymore. Cell preparation, used in the treatment, was manufactured in the biotechnological laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy.

As a result of wounds received in the ATO area, the guy had injured liver and lungs and the physians had to remove his kidney. But the stress, experienced at war, caused also a heart disorder – it almost did not contract at all. The guy was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, and the only solution seemed to be a transplantation of the donor heart. The young patient could not pass even a dozen meters because of shortness of breath that disturbed him even during rest. And now 6 months after cell transplantation, the electrocardiogram of the patient is normal and treadmill examination shows no shortness of breath. So when the patient arrived in Belarus for a heart transplant, it was found that it is not needed anymore. Today the heart of a fighter contracts for 40% and he plans to marry. The doctors themselves did not believe in such a success of cord blood stem cells.

Today there are thousands of patients in Ukraine waiting in line for a heart transplant, which is available only abroad, and stem cell therapy could help these patients.

Based on the data of TVchannels “Ukraine” and “1 + 1”.

For years, scientists of the Institute of Cell Therapy, a co-founder and the active member of the Association of Cryobanks, in cooperation with leading research institutions of Ukraine is actively working at the development of the new treatments for cardiovascular diseases using stem cells and their implementation into practical medicine. Today the Institute of Cell Therapy has completed a clinical trial “The Evaluation Of Clinical Efficacy Of Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant To Restore Impaired Contractile Function Of The Heart” and continues a clinical trial “Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Stem Cells Of The Bone Marrow, Placenta And Combinations In Patients With Ischemic Cardiomyopathy.”

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