The Association of Cryobanks supports a cord blood awareness month in Ukraine

Since the first use of umbilical cord blood in 1988, more than 40,000
transplantations of stem cells isolated from this biomaterial have already
been performed worldwide. The list of serious diseases that can be cured or
the patient’s condition may be significantly improved by means of umbilical
cord blood stem cells is constantly expanding and now includes more than
100 nosological units. These are predominantly blood malignancies,
congenital anemias and metabolic disorders, primary immunodeficiencies
and increasingly often cerebral palsy, autism, diabetes mellitus and others

The first umbilical cord blood bank was launched in the United States in 1992, and today the number of these medical facilities in the world makes about 500, part of it is funded by the state. However, most of the umbilical cord blood is further utilized after childbirth, that is, priceless biological material that could save someone’s life is simply destroyed, often due to banal ignorance by parents and health workers.

In addition to numerous educational events held around the world to raise awareness about cord blood, the United States, which is the leading country in biotechnology, has approved the month July as the national month of umbilical cord blood awareness. Throughout July, in the United States and other countries, field professionals are lecturing for future parents about the value of umbilical cord blood, holding seminars for doctors and medical staff of maternity hospitals, leaflets are distributed, and free consultations are

The Association of Cryobanks of the Umbilical Cord Blood, Other Human Tissues and Cells has been supporting the umbilical cord blood awareness month in Ukraine for the 5th year in a row. The medical experts of the Association of Cryobanks and Biobanks, members of the Association, in particular the Institute of Cell Therapy, are actively involved in educational activities in July, aimed at disseminating knowledge about the biological value of cord blood, opportunities of its storage and clinical application in Ukraine.

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