Ukraine was presented at the PCS Global Cell Science and Stem Cell Conference

Global Century Science Group11-12 June 2016, Barcelona (Spain) hosted an international scientific conference “PCS Global Cell Science and Stem Cell Conference”.

This year’s theme of the conference sounded like “A Pathway from Basic Sciences to Industrialization.” About 100 delegates from all over the world took part in the conference. Ukraine at PCS Global Cell Science and Stem Cell Conference in Barcelona was represented by Dr. Vladimir Shabliy, PhD, Deputy Director of the Institute of Cell Therapy cryobank.

Institute of Cell Therapy is the first cord blood bank in Ukraine, co-founder and one of the most active members of the Association cryobanks.

On 15 conference sessions hot issues of new technologies, basic research, clinical therapies using stem cells and the application of new technologies in the industry were discussed.

A number of important papers were devoted to cell therapy of neurodegenerative diseases, brain injury, breast cancer, problems of myocardial regeneration, alveologenesis, treatment of lung injuries, bone bioengineering.

Institute of Cell Therapy in the person of Vladimir Shabliy presented the paper “ONTOGENY OF PLACENTA-DERIVED MULTIPOTENT CELLS BASED ON THEIR IMMUNOPHENOTYPE AND GENE EXPRESSION PROFILE”. The results of the research of the Institute of Cell Therapy in field of evaluation of the stem cells from placenta has been repeatedly included in the programs of the most important international specialized conferences, always attracting considerable interest and receiving a favorable assessment from the scientists of different countries.

Remarks from the foreign colleagues, and new cooperation agreements with the representatives of the leading world scientific centers will promote deeper studies of multipotent cells of the placenta and the market launch of the new exclusive services in human cells and tissue cryostorage as well as production of biological products.

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