Ukraine was represented at the international conference “Technical progress in medicine”

On May 29 – June 1, 2019, Gdansk, Poland hosted the 3rd World Congress of the Polish Medical Society, within which the international scientific conference “Technical Progress in Medicine” was held. Among the invited speakers of the Congress were both well-known scientists and practical physicians from around the world, including Western Europe, the USA, and Australia. Among the Ukrainian delegation were representatives of the Association of Cryobanks of Cord Blood, Other Human Cells and Tissues and the Institute of Cell Therapy. The latter is a co-founder and a full member of the Association of Cryobanks.



The informational sponsor of the scientific event was the international peer reviewed journal “Wiadomosci Lekarskiе”, which is included in the main scientiometric databases – Scopus and Pubmed. The significant proportion of the conference proceedings was made by scientific papers from Ukraine.

The theme of the conference “Technical progress in medicine” is due to the fact that in modern medicine to provide effective diagnosis and treatment of diseases, technical support and access to advanced knowledge-based techniques play a decisive role.

The main reports, presented at the conference, were focused on nanomedicine, cell technologies, and personalized (precision) medicine, based on molecular investigations.

The Polish-American study on the possibility of using adipose tissue mesenchymal stem cell in maxillofacial surgery (authors Krzysztof Dowgierd and Bartłomiej Nierzwicki (Poland, USA), in particular, in the reconstruction of significant bone defects, deserves attention.

In the field of cell technologies Ukrainian scientists are trying to keep pace with world science. In particular, the technical equipment and personnel potential of the Cryobank allow the Institute of Cell Therapy to participate in international research  projects and provide services on cord blood, placenta, umbilical cord, ovarian tissue storage in accordance with international standards.

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