The Ukrainian Journal “Cell and Organ Transplantology” was accepted in international scientometric bases

indexxThe Ukrainian Journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» was accepted in international scientometric bases Index Copernicus International, ISI and Citefactor.

In Ukraine, with the support of the Association of Cryobanks for the second year a scientific journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» is being published, founded and funded by the Institute of Cell Therapy. Editor in chief of the journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» is the vice-president of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Prof. Vitaly Tsymbalyuk, and editorial board is composed of leading experts in the field of transplantation, surgery, hematology, cryobiology, regenerative medicine, genetics and other related specialties.

The journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology » is unique in Ukraine, covering the latest achievements of national and international transplantation, cryobiology, cells and tissues banking etc. Taking into account that in the journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» not only Ukrainian researchers, but also well-known scientists from other countries (USA, Poland, Singapore, Korea, Russia) are published, this edition can be considered as a subject of pride of the national science.

The journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» is accepted in the list of scientific specialized editions of Ukraine in the field of medical / biological sciences according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1279 from 06.11.2014. This means that the scientific articles published in the journal ” Cell and Organ Transplantology «, will be credited upon application for a thesis defense. Also, the journal „Cell and Organ Transplantology“, as previously reported, is indexed in international scientometric base „Index of Open Academic Journals“. Recently a journal » Cell and Organ Transplantology” was accepted in 3 more prestigious scientometric bases — Index Copernicus International, International Scientific Indexing and Citefactor. This was preceded by the evaluation of the editorial policy of the journal, impartiality of the process of review of received articles, the quality and reliability of the published materials by the international experts.

Indexing of the journal «Cell and Organ Transplantology» in the international scientometric databases does not only significantly improve the image of the Ukrainian edition, but also creates considerable advantages for authors — the ability to present the results of their research to a wider audience.

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