The participants of the scientific conference “Transplantation – Present, Past and Future” discussed urgent issues of the development of transplantology

logo_сonf_ENIn the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. AA Shalimov a scientific and practical conference with international participation «Transplantation — Present, Past and Future», dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Coordinating Center for Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine took place, devoted to the most urgent problems of the development of transplantology.

The organizers of the event were the Coordinating Center for Transplantation of Organs, Tissues and Cells of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Institute of Cell Therapy, the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. AA Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine  and the Association of Banks of Umbilical Cord Blood, Other Human Cells and Tissues.

The conference was attended by physicians from the units of the transplantation of organs, tissues and cells, departments of hemodialysis, nephrologists, the organizers of the health care system, cryobiologists, experts in the field of cell technologies and other professionals who conduct the preparation and rehabilitation of patients after transplantation, as well as those engaged in experimental transplantatology, bioimplantology and artificial organs.

Deputy Minister Natalya Lisnevska welcomed the participants on behalf of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, noting that the future of medicine is the development of new technologies and training of the new generation of physicians with an entirely new ideology. «Transplantology is a specialty that integrates all the high-tech fields of medicine, high-precision diagnostics, advanced surgery, micro- and cryosurgery and pharmacokinetics. The Ministry of Health pays and will pay great attention to the development of Ukrainian transplantatology both in the context of improving the regulatory rules and regulation and in terms of modernization of the transplantology service of Ukraine», Natalya Lisnevska said.


Vice President of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Vitaly Tsymbalyuk noted that modern transplantology is developing in the direction of transplantation of organ, tissue and cell transplants. Cell transplantation is especially quickly developing in the world and Ukraine is in the club of countries where the methods of stem cell transplantation are being actively developed and introduced into clinical practice.


Director of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology n.a. OO Shalimov of NAMS of Ukraine, Prof. Alexander Usenko in his speech noted the contribution of the Institute in the development of national transplantatology. In the walls of the famous Shalimov’s Institute for the first time in Ukraine the transplantation of the heart, liver and pancreas were performed. Today the Institute is a leader in the development of organ transplantation and in the collaboration with the Institute of Cell Therapy actively introduces methods of cell therapy in the treatment of chronic limbs ischemia, cardiomyopathy etc.


The President of the Association of Banks of Umbilical Cord Blood, Other Human Cells and Tissues Yury Gladkikh noted that the future of world medicine is in the development of cellular and bioengineering technologies. Thanks to scientific research and dedication of clinicians and researchers cell-based methods of treatment are used in the complex therapy of diabetes, pathologies of the locomotor system, in closing of complex defects of cover tissues, in oncohematology. At that, in the world approaches to the sources of stem cells are being changed, cell transplants derived from umbilical cord blood are being increasingly implemented in practice. A significant increase in the number of transplants of cord blood stem cells in hematologic practice can serve as an example of this, the percentage of which exceeds the percentage of transplants of cells derived from bone marrow.

Information: Transplantation of organs, tissues and cells actually is one of the leading fields of medical science and practice. The speed of development of this area of medicine is so dynamic that in 15-20 years 50-60% of surgeries will be accompanied by transplantation of organs, tissues, cells or bioimplants. Already now in the world more than 50,000 organ transplants are performed per year. The number of operations on transplantation of tissue and cell transplants as well as bioimplants based on donor anatomical material is severalfold higher.

Press-service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

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