The number of scientific publications on stem cells has exceeded 300,000 articles worldwide

magazine Stem cells are the hope of scientists to overcome many incurable diseases in the future! But now the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells already cures leukemia, lymphoma, and some forms of cancer.

So, stem cells are one of the most popular research objects around the world. And to date, the number of scientific publications devoted to the study of stem cells has exceeded 300,000 articles. These are only publications in authoritative international journals that are part of the National Library of Medicine of the National Institute of Health in the United States (Pubmed).

The first scientific publications that covered the results of stem cell research began to appear in the 80’s of the twentieth century. Their number has been dynamically increasing over the past 30 years. The fastest increase in the number of scientific articles devoted to stem cells in the database of the National Center for Biotechnological Information was noted in the period of 2008-2016.

Also, in developed countries, research projects on stem cell are currently the most often awarded grants and public funding.

The given data confirm the prospect of biotechnology for the treatment of many diseases.


Ukrainian scientists also make an important contribution to the development of fundamental knowledge about the biology of stem cells and the development of approaches to their clinical application. Also in Ukraine a unique and in its field exclusive journal “Cell and Organ Transplantology”, founded and funded by the Institute of Cell Therapy, is published. The journal is included in the list of scientific publications approved by the State Atestation Commission of Ukraine and the main international scientometric databases.

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