XI International Parnas Conference

Jakub Parnas is one of the most prominent biochemists in the world. A world-renowned scientist was born in the Ternopil region and in different periods of time worked at the Department of Biochemistry of the Warsaw and Vienna Universities, as well as in the Lviv Medical Institute (Ukraine).

To commemorate the outstanding researcher, every two years Ukrainian and Polish Biochemical Societies, as well as the Israel Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in different cities of Ukraine, Poland and Israel, hold the so-called Parnas conferences. The event is very popular among the scientists from different countries as a scientific platform to present the latest research results, share experience, establish scientific cooperation.

Scientists from the Institute of Cell Therapy, a co-founder and active member of the Association of Cryobanks, regularly participate in the international Parnas conferences.

In 2018, the XI International Parnas Conference was held in Kyiv on 3-5 September. The working language of the conference was English.

This year, the main speakers of the Parnas Conference were Dr. Edward Perello with a lecture “Global Biosafety in the Century” (Oxford, UK) and Prof. Nikolaus Rajewski with a lecture “Single Cell Sequencing in Space and Time” (Berlin Institute of Medical Systemic Biology, Germany).

Alexander Zhuk, the biologist of the Cell Culture Laboratory of the Institute of Cell Therapy, presented an oral plenary report “Identification of env genes of retroviruses in the Gallus gallus genome and analysis of their expression during early embryogenesis.” Studies of the Institute of Cell Therapy researcher aim at creation of a model for the evaluation of the role of endogenous retroviral genes in early embryogenesis, in particular in the development of the placenta. A number of other papers on placenta stem cell were also presented by the Institute of Cell Therapy scientists in September 2018 in Bern, Switzerland, at a scientific meeting of the International Placenta Stem Cells Society.

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