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Umbilical cord blood in the treatment of blood cancer

magter13Blood has a number of vital functions in human body. No wonder, human life is only possible as long as the heart pumps blood through the vessels.
The red blood cells (erythrocytes) carry oxygen throughout the human body, white blood cells (leukocytes) provide immune defense, and platelets...
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Spain is the leader of the world transplantology

azul-ontTo date Spain is a country, where the health system succeeded to organize one of the most successful models transplantologic service.
Actually, the Spanish surgeons have performed more than 90,000 organ transplants, 300,000 tissue transplants and about 50,000 transplants of bone marrow and cord blood transfusions. And the Spanish people, needing organ transplants...
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The first pharmaceutical company in Japan applies approval for stem cell medicine

JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. A pharmaceutical firm based in Hyogo is set to submit an application for government approval of cultured cells (stem cells) as medicine, the first firm in Japan to do so. This medical treatment is aimed at bone marrow transplant patients, to help reduce the side effects of the procedure.
JCR Pharmaceutical Co., a midsize company in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture is expected...
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Top 10 Stem Cell Predictions for 2014

knoepfler -- uc davis
Every year, the famous American biologist and writer Paul Kn–ĺepfler predicts development of cellular technologies in the coming year.
According to the forecast of professor Knoepfler, in 2014 surprised the world will be astonished by the following top 10 events in the field of...
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Stem cells repair damaged heart

ScrippsA¬†new stem cell treatment may help heart attack patients do¬†something once thought medically impossible¬†‚ÄĒ regenerate dead heart muscle.
Scripps Health in La Jolla is one of three centers testing the therapy from Capricor, a Los Angeles biotech company. The cardiac stem cells are meant to boost the heart’s natural ability to perform minor repairs. If it works,...
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