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В гостях у Мистера Фриза. Как устроен первый украинский криобанк

Репортаж из киевского хранилища стволовых клеток. Как их замораживают, сколько стоит и для чего это надо? В Киеве есть необычный банк. Он хранит не деньги и золото. А нечто более ценное - источник стволовых клеток.
Журналист побывал в Криобанке и решил рассказать, как он работает.


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Intervertebral discs from stem cells

Degeneration of intervertebral disks is one of the main causes of back pain, worsening of quality of life, and sometimes disability of people of working age.
Commonly accepted methods of treatment are not able to restore a degenerated intervertebral disc, therefore, patients with pathology...
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ISSCR Annual meeting 2019

The world’s largest stem cell event with more than 3,500 attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and media, the meeting brings together everyone from senior scientists to trainees to discover, share, and network with leading innovators in the stem cell community.
  Through scientific...
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Meeting of the Intrnational Society for Cell and Gene Therapy 2019

Melbourne May 29 - June 1, 2019. A new era of applications for pluripotent stem cell therapies is emerging. Hear from innovators paving the way in the development of kidney organoids, cardiomyocyte sheets, and gastrointestinal tract regeneration. Learn about the therapeutic applications and...
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XI International Parnas Conference

Jakub Parnas is one of the most prominent biochemists in the world. A world-renowned scientist was born in the Ternopil region and in different periods of time worked at the Department of Biochemistry of the Warsaw and Vienna Universities, as well as in the...
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5th Scientific Meeting of the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS)

September 6-7, 2018, Bern, Switzerland hosted the 5th Scientific Meeting of the International Placenta Stem Cell Society (IPLASS).         The main directions of the conference were:
  • modern protocols of isolation of placental cells different populations;
  • molecular mediators and mechanisms of pathogenesis and regeneration in different models...
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Scientific meeting of the International Federation of Placenta Associations (Орегон, США)

    13 — 16 September 2016, Portland (Oregon, USA) hosted a scientific meeting of International Federation of Placenta Associations (IFPA) titled «Placenta: Back to the Basics »   The conference was organized by the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) and the Placenta Association of the Americas (PAA) Placenta as a rich source of diverse populations of stem cells and unique biologically active...
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