Monthly Archives: March 2020

Recommendations of Association of Cryobanks on COVID-19 prevention

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of people's lives, the operation of health care facilities, and economic activities around the world. Analyzing the recommendations of relevant international organizations and the global experience of anti-epidemic measures implemented in biobanks, the Association of Cryobanks recommends:
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How stem cells combat coronavirus

The article, published in the scientific journal Aging and Disease (2020) states that mesenchymal stem cells are a safe and effective approach to COVID-19 treatment  At least 10 projects have been registered in the official international registry for clinical...
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Cell and tissue donors may be screened for COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemiс has affected the medical and social spheres of life around the world. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has released important information for biobanks and manufacturers of preparations containing human cells or tissues, although there is...
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Coronavirus infection: stem cells are being used in 14 clinical trials

According to the World Health Organization, 14 clinical trials for the treatment of coronavirus infection with stem cells have already been registered.
Given the lack of effective treatment for a life-threatening coronavirus infection and the spread of the epidemic, scientists paid attention at the possibility...
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