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New trends in the use of cryopreserved placenta preparations

Placenta preparations from early ages have been used to treat wounds in ancient soldiers, according to extant legends placenta masks are one of the beauty secrets of Cleopatra.
Pronounced wound-healing properties of the extracts of the placenta and placental tissue fragments were known to Hippocrates (5th...
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Overview of the conference “Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering” (Denmark, 2015)

dbc-organizer-20154-5 June 2015, Vejle (Denmark) hosted an international scientific conference "Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering", organized with the support of the Danish Stem Cell Society and the Danish Biotechnological Society.
    Conference "Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering" (2015) included the following thematic sections: 1. Cloning and reprogramming 2. Stem cells in...
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