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Association of cryobanks supports World IBD Day in Ukraine

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are severe autoimmune disorders that frequently affect young adults and may be complicated by the development of cancer. Worldwide 5 million people are suffering from Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis - diseases known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
In recent years,...
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V World Cord Blood Congress took place in Monaco

esh_headerIn March 2015, WORLD CORD BLOOD CONGRESS V & INNOVATIVE CELL THERAPIES took place in Monaco. Congress traditionally was organized by Prof. Eliane Gluckman (Paris university, France), who in 1988 performed the world's first cord blood stem cells transplant to a child with Fanconi anemia.
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Регенеративная медицина: не будущее, а реалии сегодняшнего дня

sovershenstvoРегенеративная медицина – понятие очень молодое, но именно здесь сегодня закладываются новые основы врачевания. Благодаря клеточным технологиям уже сейчас можно с успехом излечивать более 80 тяжелейших заболеваний, а исследования и медицинские разработки ведутся по самому широкому спектру проблем – от онкологии до косметологии.
О том, чего ждать...
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Prof. Smolyaninov AB left this life

smolyaninovAssociation of Cryobanks sadly reports that on the May 7th, 2015 suddenly and prematurely died Prof. Alexander Borisovich Smolyaninov, MD, PhD,, CEO of Pokrovsky Bank of Stem Cells (St. Petersburg), Head of the Research Laboratory of Cell Technologies of North-Western State Medical University n.a....
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International Conference on Advances in Cell Biology and Biotechnology

Institute of Cell Biology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian Public Organization "Ukrainian Society of Cell Biology" inform you about International Conference on Advances in Cell Biology and Biotechnology that will be held on October 11-13, 2015 in Lviv, Ukraine.
      For the attention of specialists...
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