Conference Integrative Biology & Medicine

logoConference Integrative Biology & Medicine will take place on Oct 2-7, this year in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is devoted to integrative approaches to understand life and disease. Among the topics are systems biology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, evolution, translational and personalized medicine.

We have 24+ excellent speakers from around the globe. Among of them are Nikolaus Rajewsky (MDC, Germany), Eugene Koonin (NCBI, USA), Eli Eisenberg (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Mikhail Gelfand (Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russia). Several talks will be devoted to biology of regeneration and iPSCs.

The registration fee is 100 Euro for Students, 150 Euro for researchers, and 200 Euro for industry (discounts are possible). Registration for attendees – by October 1.

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