Ministry of Health of Ukraine: United Arab Emirates is a leader in various fields


Nikolai Sokolov, representative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, who is participating for the first time in the conference and exhibition “Dubai Derma 2014” dedicated to the dermatology and laser technologies, emphasized that international reputation obtained by the UAE in various fields in general and in the medical sphere in particular, its leadership in organizing of international conferences in various sectors are considered to be attractive basis for different countries in the region and in the world to participate in these conferences and to show their various products.


He also added that the Minister of Health of Ukraine would meet today H.E. AbdulRahman Mohammed Al-Oweis, the Minister of Health of UAE, in order to discuss the ways of cooperation in the medical sphere and to exchange experiences in this vital area, indicating that the Republic of Ukraine is oriented to the market of UAE and the Government of Ukraine is convinced that the market of UAE surpasses its counterparts in the region and is a gateway to all regional and global markets.


It was also noted that the visit of Ukrainian delegation and participation in the conference were carried out in order to promote the sectors in which Ukraine is superior to other countries, in particular, the sphere of treatment with stem cells of the patients who have diabetes type II. At the present around 300 patients from the Gulf countries have been treated using this innovative method. The stem cells treatment gives the patient great benefits such as stabilization of the blood sugar level and prevention of complications connected with diabetes, such as cardiovascular diseases.


Nikolai Sokolov continues that Ukraine is currently focused on the development and strengthening of cooperation with the Gulf states in the field of medicine, indicating that the level of patients with diabetes is high in the Gulf region, the stem cell therapy, although remains an innovative and is used in some countries, has already showed positive results and soon will become a cardinal solution to the problem that has plagued the world.
During the visit, Ukrainian delegation was impressed by the level of development of the UAE in all areas of life, as well as a wonderful level of organization of international events, including the conference and exhibition “Dubai Derma 2014” dedicated to the dermatology and laser technologies. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has confirmed its intention to participate in all medical events to be held in the near future.

Source: Dubai – Emad Abdel Hamid

Date: April 10, 2014

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